Printed & Plain Stand Up Pouches with / without Zipper

The stand up pouches manufactured by us can be beautifully displayed on the shelf increasing the visibility of any product. The stand up pouches packaging fold flat before filling, thus saving on freight and storage space. Our stand up pouches have a longer shelf life even without refrigeration. It has elliptical bottom, commonly known as "Doy-style" or K-style bottom featuring seals rising from either side at angles of about 30 degrees.

These stand up pouch packaging are appropriate for food, pharmaceutical and medical packaging industries. These pouches have low density and moisture absorption capacity, together with high stiffness and strength.


  • End users cite shelf presence, stability and economy as major advantages.
  • The most significant advantage of the stand-up pouch packaging format versus the more typical lay-down bag is the vertical presentation of the package graphics.
  • This allows for a 'billboard effect' on the shelf that draws the consumer to the product in the marketplace.
  • Saving money, increasing convenience and enhancing efficiency on the packaging pouches line. 
  • Splendid finish Ability to load heavy weight
  • Excellent tear resistance strength


Our Zip lock pouches are a popular variant of stand-up pouches. These packaging pouches are the latest offerings in the packaging industry and provide consumers the convenience of reopening the bag as and when needed.

The uniquely designed zip lock pouches are ideal for low flow products which require re-seal after opening, such as dried foods, pet food, etc. It keeps the product fresh and dry adding value to whatever is inside.


  • Clear, Amber, Black and any colours as per client requirements
  • Write-On Blocks in White (accept marker, rubber stamp, grease pencil or pen)
  • Tamper-Evident
  • Metal Grommets/Metal Reinforced Eyelets
  • Stand-up
  • Anti-static
  • Static Shielding
  • Press-On (adhesive back, holds shipping documents)
  • Hang Holes
  • FDA and USDA Approved for Food Contact
  • UV Protection (amber) .003 (3 Mil) stock gauge
  • Tie-On
  • In Dispenser Box


Liquid Products
Juice, Drink, Water, Milk, Sauce, Ketchup, Detergent, Paste, Cream, Food with Liquid, Liqueur, Soup, Iced Tea, Salad Dressing, Shampoo, Oil, Polish, Glue, Vinegar, Etc.
Solid Products
Peanuts, Nuts, Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Mix, Chemical-Powder, Cement, Medical, Hardware, Insect Killer, Seeds, Candy, Meat Balls, Dry Fruits, Tablets, Granules, Etc.
Biscuits, Chips, Namkeen etc